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1212-A Original Mini Ziplock 2.5mil Plastic Bags 1/2" x 1/2" Reclosable Baggies (Yellow)


Product Features:

- Recyclable and waterproof

- Available in a large variety of colors, sizes, shapes and styles

- 2.8 - 3 mil thick

- Polyethylene

- 100 bags per pack

- FDA and USDA approved for food service

- Bags are sealed at both sized, folded at bottom and possess a clear and reclosable zipper style top

- Original Apple brand mini ziplock baggies are ideal for applications that require tiny to small sized reclosable bags

- Dimensions are width x height and do not include the zip, ribbing or lip of bag

- Natural, flexible shape, they fit into places where storage boxes cannot

Suggested Usages:

- Coin collecting

- Electronic products

- Food (FDA and USDA approved)

- Prescriptions drugs and pill storage

- Medical 

-promotes sterilization of instruments and equipment

- Gift or product presentation

- Halloween treats

- Birthday party goody bags

- Pharmaceutical

- Automotive

- Shipping and packaging

- Organization

- Flower and plant seeds

- Scrap booking

-storage of eyelets, snaps, brads, laces and fibers

- Dollhouse making rooms such as kitchens, craft rooms and candy stores

- Cosmetics and toiletry bags

- Electronics

- protects small parts from environmental factors such as moisture or chemical contamination

- Sort beads, gems and other jewelry supplies

- Protects jewelry from scratching and tarnishing

- Cables and cords 

- keeps loose electronic, computer, MP3, phone cords untangled

- Toy organization; prevents loss and keeps tiny pieces of games and lego sets together

- Purse organizations

- receipts, candy, change, makeup and other loose items

- Organization to prevent loss of small items in the garage, basement, or in a car

- Nails and screws